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Katya Petrokovich
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Name: Katya Masha Tatana Petrokovich
Status: Deceased
Age: 103
Date of birth: March 14, 1956
Birthplace: Chop, Russian Federation
Date of death: November 30, 2059
Nationality: Flag of Russia.png Russian
Residence(s): Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia,
Education: Dzerzhinsky Higher School of the KGB
Alias(es): Frank Moses' Kryptonite
Affiliation: GRU

Russian Armed Forces

Profession: Top Russian Officer
Rank: Marshal of the Russian Federation
Expertise: Seduction, Spying
Father: Nikolai Petrokovich
Mother: Lyubov Petrokovich
Significant other(s): Frank Moses
Children: Elena Petrokovich (*May 15 1981)
Played by: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Film: RED 2
Appears in: 1 films

Katya Masha Tatana Petrokovich (May 14, 1956 - 2059) was a Russian spy and marshal working for the GRU.


In the past, she had an affair with former flame and ex-CIA agent Frank Moses.

Since Frank's retirement, she had no prior contact with him. Her outstanding work as a spy she has secured an important place in the GRU. Is the Patriot, and her work and the interests of Russia are its purposes in life. As well as the security of the country and the whole of humanity.


Katya is a hard, cold, calculating, elegant and seductive spy; but also very effective and skillfully.


Frank Moses[]

Frank is an old flame of Katya. A sin from the past and her Kryptonite, the two go way back. Despite this, she still loved, and still had feelings for him.